We bring together the worldwide ambitious players to create a new process industry, realizing the energy transition in Rotterdam. Join us!

Our goal is…

To accelerate the development and implementation in the value chains of the Rotterdam-Moerdijk industry cluster of innovative technologies in the field of industrial electrification by offering unique knowledge, support and technical facilities to make innovative technologies market ready.

What is industrial electrification?

Industrial electrification, also known as Power-2-X, is the replacement of fossil (oil, gas and coal) driven processes by processes driven by green electricity or green molecules.

Who can participate?

  • Industrial end users
    Explore the strategic opportunities and realization of projects aimed at process and chain integration, in collaboration with relevant chain partners. Participate in joint studies and projects that determine the future of this cluster and your customers, which will help in the implementation of the necessary technology.

  • Innovative technology suppliers
    Be part of a committed and knowledge-rich network with facilities for pilot and demonstration of your technology in a relevant industrial environment focused on chain collaboration and integration.

Take a look at the future Fieldlab

Founding partners

The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification is a joint initiative of:

  • Deltalinqs
  • FME
  • Havenbedrijf Rotterdam
  • InnovationQuarter
  • TNO

Join us!

Intended partners of the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification are companies and organizations that have an interest in making the process industry more sustainable. These could be, for example: end users who want to (partially) electrify their processes, energy companies who want to test new services, technology companies who want to demonstrate their innovation in practice or otherwise. Partners provide technological, substantive, administrative and / or financial support.

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